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9.10.17 – 30 Days of Me Day 3

A picture of your animals

The featured image is of “Fish-ck”

He is fourteen years old.

He is the last surviving fish of the collection of six I bought with my first ever wage packet from WHSmith at sixteen. He still lives with my dad as we are in rented accommodation so haven’t got permission to have a fish tank at all.

Not an amazing post but he’s the only pet I have.


8.10.2017 – 30 Days of Me Challenge Day 2

The meaning behind my blog name…

I don’t really know how to explain where it came from. It’s loosely based on the TV programme and game “Snog, Marry, Avoid” where a contestant gets judged on their look and the public decide whether to snog, marry or avoid based on first impressions.

But I teach … as mentioned before, I am a qualified primary school teacher and now I’m a part time private tutor in Suffolk. So that’s the teach part covered.

I got married … so some of the earlier posts on this blog is about my wedding and occasionally I still write features about it and some of the planning hurdles I faced whilst getting there.

As for avoid, some people might view these posts as spells of angst, frustration and emotion or I use my blog to write on to avoid dealing with the subject matter that I’m focusing on.

So it’s all a bit of a mixture!

7.10.2017 – 30 Days of Me Challenge Day 1

I don’t write enough so I’m slowly going to work through these after stealing it from Here.

So number 1 – a recent picture of me and 15 interesting facts …

  1. I am Gemma Louise Makin – I should have been called Georgina but that’s another story!
  2. I am married to Mr M and have been for fourteen months (and haven’t killed him yet!)
  3. I cannot ride a bike.
  4. I also cannot hold pens/pencils properly because I’ve broken my thumb in my childhood and the top joint now makes the shape of the letters as I write.
  5. I have three tattoos – a geometric seahorse between my shoulder blades, a tribal back piece with a Japanese character in it and five coloured stars on a vine on my foot.
  6. I don’t drive despite having over fifty hours of lessons, formally owning a car and trying manual and automatic!
  7. I am a qualified primary school teacher.
  8. I used to believe trolls lived under every bridge.
  9. I hope to one day see more of the world.
  10. I used to play the oboe, bassoon and alto saxophone.
  11. I also used to sing/perform in public.
  12. Until 2012, I hadn’t worn a dress since I was 8.
  13. I cannot wear mascara as my eyes water whenever I try to attempt it.
  14. I love to spend time with my friends but occasionally can go through extreme periods of introversion when I want to hide from the world completely.
  15. I have GAD and PTSD and balance my mental health with a bullet journal as my main tool now.

4.10.2017 – Hopes and Holibobs

Packing for a four day escape with my husband, my best friend and her gorgeous baby girl.

I cannot wait.

I need to get away.

Things are finally starting to settle after me losing my job at Pixifoto – thanks to them continuing to employ staff when they knew they’d already filed for liquidation! I got a letter from the government who are bailing out Photo Corporation and paying me for the hours I am owed which will almost double my weekly wage this week. I cannot wait to be back on the straight and narrow as well as getting back to “normal” – whatever normal is anymore!

3.10.2017 – Bus Journeys

I thought I’d take the opportunity this morning to write something at least. I’ve got slack at writing and evacuating those feelings from my brain … I haven’t written in my bullet journal since my birthday in August and the posts here have been pretty sketchy and poor too!

I now find myself at the mercy of Ipswich Buses to get me to my tutoring appointments at least 4 days a week. But alongside that Mr M works from home one day a week too meaning that I have the pleasure of making the journey into work solo.

I usually get on an empty bus as no one else is there as they’ve just departed at the local supermarket and it’s kinda weird being on a bus with just you and the driver. Some speak… others leave the bus in total silence apart from the sound of the engine. I don’t really mind either.

There is something to be said about the soothing sensation of a moving vehicle, the sense of going somewhere, achieving something and having the opportunity to people watch, observe and see.

2.10.2017 – Grease, Ipswich Regent

My one of my best friends is obsessed (and I mean obsessed!) with Grease and always has been. So when she saw that the touring company of the musical was performing – she bought tickets and we were going!

Upon arrival, we were greeted by a small notice declaring Sandy was not being played by BBC show contestant Danielle Hope and due to that, two other roles were being played by the understudies of them. With the amount of social media present these days, a notification on the event would have been nice rather than arriving to a mild disappointment not to see who we’d originally expected. That being said, Sandy wasn’t a disappointment and I really enjoyed her performance.

The ordering/pace of the songs to someone expecting a replica of the movie would probably confuse and maybe annoy. Personally I thought it was cleverly done and loved the performance of the songs like Raining on Prom Night to feature other members of the cast more prominently alongside Danny, Sandy etc.

I’ll be honest, I had reservations about Tom Parker from the Wanted. Even outside the venue, there were comments about could a boy band wonder match up to the original Danny Zuko. I’ll state again the touring company are not the film. He has put his own spin on Danny and remains true to the spirit of the original but he also has a way of letting his own personality shine through.

It was a good night and loved the clever use of staging and being able to see the band above the action. The musical director and the band looked like they were having an amazing night!

22.09.17 – Worries and Wobbles

So I’m rubbish and have forgotten to post for ages, I’m currently listening to the Happy Mum Happy Baby podcast by Giovanna Fletcher whilst travelling with Mr M to Norwich to celebrate an amazing wedding of one of my longest friends and his wife-to-be. I’ve taken my first Friday off in “term time” to spend time with my long-distance bestie, Sazzle who was in the homeland this weekend so was able to meet up for a cheeky breakfast and watched Pitch Perfect 2 before we packed to go to Norwich. I’m finding it weird to be off work and able to do things. The change of routine is bizarre.

02.09.2017 – My Summer 2017…

So I lost my job role at Pixifoto after thy still employed people even though they had already filed for insolvency before my contract had already started. They found a blood clot on my brain and began treatment.We visited friends in Cambridgeshire for a bit of a recharge and recovery. A visit to great friends in Framlingham and pre-birthday bubbles and cake! I started tutoring, which has been a great role over the summer which had encouraged me to see more of Ipswich than I normally would. The boy has been a constant support and I really don’t know what I would have done without him. All this drama in our first year of marriage and we are still coping with it all! We took my dad to Great Yarmouth to celebrate his birthday at the horse racing and escape Suffolk for a while. Being by the sea always helps.

To keep by the sea, I was blessed enough to be invited share a slice of some dear friends’ holiday in Southwold which of course meant that Adnams beer and spirits were the best way to welcome myself into #club30. My lovely husband arranged a meal with family and friends in one of my favourite restaurants.

Mr M also ran his first 10k in Ipswich and I’m rather proud of him. It’s approaching Mum’s first anniversary and I’m still feeling like Dory – Just Keep Swimming. I’ve been able to support Mr M watching him play football at ITFC for Man vs. Fat which has been nice. I’ve been able to spend time with Degus and Horses – thanks to my Sister in Law and some gorgeous dogs – thanks to friends which has been nice. I’ve been appreciating the waterfront more, I take for granted what is around us in Ipswich. It’s got some amazing parts.

8.8.17 – 1 year later …

Mr M and I have had one hell of a year. But between changing jobs, diabetes diagnosis for Mr M, a blood clot on the brain for me, losing my amazing mum after a sixteen year battle against cancer – we have had some amazingly happy times too.I have just about adjusted to being Mrs M now and don’t miss being Miss R as much anymore! I still occasionally get called my maiden name by ex-pupils.We were so lucky to spend our day with so many amazing and loving people. We have watched families grow, separate and change but know they are there for us and we are there for them.I am truly blessed to have this amazing and grounded man as my husband and definitely don’t know what I would do without him.
To keep with the anniversary theme of Paper, I gave Mr M an adventure book from Up of our relationship so far and he knows how to spoil me by buying me a new bullet journal and Happy Mum, Happy Baby by Giovanna Fletcher (p.s. I am not pregnant nor am I planning to be in the immediate future! I am just obsessed with Gi and Tom Fletcher and want to read it!)
We are now heading to go and spend time with some friends by the Castle on the Hill and relax!

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