1.1.2016 – The start of a new year…

220 days left…

“For the last twelve months we have all been living in one year and now all of a sudden it is another. It is extraordinary how this tremendous change takes place in the space of a fraction of a second. As the clock approaches midnight on the thirty-first of December you are still in the old year, but then all at once, one millionth of a second after midnight, you are in the new.” – Roald Dahl

So the whole new year, new me, new life …
In 220 days, I lose my “Miss” status and become a Mrs …

I started today focusing on “the old” … Well the past anyway. I woke up this morning fresh as a daisy, thanks to not drinking last night! Good choice I feel. We (Mr M and I) popped out to Costa Coffee and met up with an old friend, we will lovingly refer to him as Mongoose from now on. We both have unfortunately become far too grown up and this is something that really scares us both considerably. He is an amazingly talented and determined young man who has faced some challenging highs and lows already in his twenty-seven years but this morning proved that no matter how big the gap between visits, drinks and lifetime events; we can pick up whenever we have the time. I adored seeing him today and will make a much more conscientious effort to keep it up in 2016!
We then departed from Mongoose and headed to Colchester Zoo. It is one of our favourite things to do and we love the Gold Passes. We go so many times in a year and we have a different experience every time. The bonus of us going is that we often go with our close friends and their children. It’s a fab day out for everyone and it’s one of my best ways to start the year.
Now for a quiet night in with the fiancé watching TV …


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