31.1.2016 – Being Brave…

191 days left …
I’ve been a bit slack recently on keeping this thing up-to-date. January has been well as truly manic. I can apologise to those who actually read this thing (I am aware it’s not many of you but…the apology is there all the same!) Wow from the 6th of January until now, there has been a lot of changes.

Work was has been all kinds of challenges and victories. I’m still not completely settled and my room is far from how I want it to be. But I’m beginning to build up bonds and pupil relationships with the target children who have been chosen to work with me. I am incredibly lucky to have very supportive friends and family who have helped me stay strong enough to face such a big change after teaching at the same school since I qualified. I needed a push to face a new challenge and so far, I’ve landed in a new school with a very supportive staff. My motto at the moment is to simply “Be Brave” … and so far it’s working…

The wedding … Things are slowly becoming sorted. Money is being saved and squirrelled away. Bridesmaids are trying on dresses, centrepieces are being sorted and designed. I have got my bridal shoes… I have booked my hair and make up trial. I’m slowly feeling more settled and at peace with the whole thing. I’m still apprehensive with the whole attention aspect of the day and I’m one of the few girls I know who would rather be behind the camera rather than have it pointed at me.

I haven’t had the happiest of January’s … the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 haven’t been the best. My favourite discovery this month has been the BuddyBox. (Find it here) They are run by a charity called blurt who work to increase the awareness and understanding of depression. I am not saying I am depressed… don’t get me wrong, I have had some amazing highs and lows this month. But the BuddyBox is a great little pick me up and I know that by buying the BuddyBox, I can contribute towards their work supporting others who are being to understand their own battles and depression, which I like.

I’m also going to sit and praise the amazing work of the Macmillan nurses. My epic mum is beginning her next treatment in February and they have been phenomenal in making sure she has the treatment she needs and the care throughout it. They are brilliant and I’m so glad they as part of the wedding we are able to donate a little bit towards the work that they do.


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