20.3.2016 – Honoured by Pupils…

Teaching … Why do I do it? Whilst tidying today, I found a story written by my ex-pupils as I left at Christmas. It might seem a bit of a random read, but I don’t want to lose it altogether. So I thought I’d write it out. So I’ll ignore the fact this weekend has been overtaken with assessments, making children fit criteria and boxes as well as vague assessment hoops with no actually formal judgements as yet. That I’ve been sitting worrying if I’ve done enough to help these children become the best they can be as well as fitting into these criteria. At least, I know I’ve made a difference to some of the children I’ve worked with and I’m glad I come across as relaxed and fun because I can assure you that some days when I enter the world of work, I feel like a duck … Swimming fast under the water with a calm facade above it and many people will assure you I am or can come across as complete Quackers!

The Story of the Best Teacher Ever!

One lovely day, [INSERT PUPIL’S NAMES HERE], who were in Year 3 had the best teacher ever and her name was Miss R. She was amazing, funny and makes learning interesting and exciting. She looks nice and pretty, some even say fantastic. She really is the nicest teacher. We all liked her very much. She teaches us Maths, English and Science but only a little bit of Music. She has a lovely voice and it is “smoooooth”.
You are so relaxed every day and ready to teach us. It makes me love learning because you just make it fun. I wish you moved up with us every year. When we are together, we just have so much fun! This has been the best year ever. We are going to follow your instructions and maybe even sneak into your new school too. You taught my big brother and he told me you would make me love school and you have. I was so excited to be in your class.
Miss R, promise me that you’ll always be awesome because you’ve taught us that we are all special and we love you. Good Luck at your new school, we’ll miss you…


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