17.8.2016 – Alphabet Dating – R

I saw this idea a while ago and really wanted to do it. So I’ve chosen to look back since we got married to build up what we’ve done so far and we can choose to fill in the rest before our first wedding anniversary.

The idea is 26 dates, in a year … working your way through the alphabet maybe by destination, activity, event. Click here to check how far we’ve got!

Round Robin – Dartmouth, Kingswear, Paignton, Totnes and back to Dartmouth

We were extremely lucky to have been given the use of an amazing holiday flat in Dartmouth called the Baker’s Dozen (Click here to see it!) so we chose a day to partake in the Round Robin Service from Dartmouth. We had visited Dartmouth a few summers earlier and did a small river cruise due to timings but we had seen this offer then and had been sorely tempted. For anyone interested, more information can be found here.

We started in Dartmouth enjoying a short foot ferry to Kingswear train station which totally allowed me to have a bit of a Hogwarts Express moment watching the steam engine pull into the station, having heard the faint “toot,toot” welcoming it into the station from across the River Dart, it was a lovely sensation.

Once on the steam train, having looked at the small museum carriage they have in Kingswear station – we began our journey to Paignton by train. The scenary is gorgeous and luckily we were blessed with a very clear day so our views were stunning. We arrived into Paignton and had a short wander around the town to grab a bite to eat before finding the bus station.

Jumping onto an open-top bus was the bit I was most hesistant about but actually it truly gave us a glimpse into the views of the countryside we were surrounded by and from the upper deck, a fun and fear-filled ride as some of the hills were not as smooth as you would have expect! We arrived in Totnes and were greeted by possibly the biggest queue we’d encounted on this journey. The Round Robin operates in that, you can choose to stop in Paignton, Totnes or indeed Kingswear before moving on to the other destinations.

My favourite part was the river cruise back to Dartmouth from Totnes. As a landlubber married to a Sea Cadet Officer, my phobia of boats is slowly being treated by exposure therapy. But with my camera, to pre-occupy my mind and beautiful views – I was quite a happy photographer.

Arriving back in Dartmouth, we headed back to the flat and crashed out after quite an adventurous day.



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