27.8.2016 – Alphabet Dating – I

Ok, as a girlfriend, fiancé and now as a wife, I have come to terms with my husband’s dedication and devotion to something other than me. Click here to check how far we’ve got in Alphabet Dating!

Ipswich Town FC, Portman Rd, Ipswich

I decided that as a wife, I needed to show devotion to my husband and his loves. So I plotted to go with my husband to watch his team. I say his team as my allegiance lays elsewhere but I went with him to pay for my ticket.

Whilst at the club shop to do it, I treated us both to club shirts on one condition- he allowed one gimmick. Trawling Pinterest as you do, I had seen couples shots in team shirts. So Hubby as the primary wearer had number 20 – I’m informed it’s Freddie Sears (who I’d heard of) and I got 16 – Giles Coke who I’ve never seen play! So that side by side, we’d make 2016 and it was also my first public declaration as a Makin rather than my maiden name.

The other bonus is a Greyhound lunch. Great quality pub grub, good company and a short walk to the ground!


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