28.8.2016 – Muggles and Mysteries

This post is possibly not going to make the most sense and I might start, come back, edit and refine!

I’ve had an amazing summer but it’s not been the easiest of things to deal with. Yes, it contained my hen party, my wedding and my MiniMoon which were possibly the best things to have happened to me so far.

But between them all, I’ve seen so much loss. Unfortunately, will have had possibly to attend four funerals and had a wedding. We missed two weddings due to our MiniMoon which was sad but was understandable as it wasn’t completely planned.

A lot of sadness was counter-balanced by happiness but it’s made me realise we need to take the chances and opportunities that we are given and “seize the day” which is a problem when you have anxiety. You worry about the choices so much that you feel unable to make them. I hope that with the support of those around me, I can grasp more of those choices and opportunities for me and my husband as 2016 continues and into 2017…


2 thoughts on “28.8.2016 – Muggles and Mysteries

  1. I was immediately drawn to your blog because of the harry potter quote at the start (I am a massive Harry Potter nerd) but as I started to read more I realised I could relate to your post. I am sorry that you are going through a difficult time at the moment. I am following you so I can read more 🙂

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