2.9.2016 – Support Networks…

I’ve been back at work for two days,

I know to some the viewpoint is that, “You teachers have it easy, you get six weeks holiday and the rest …”

But as a teacher, I would like to sing the unsung hero of my teaching career … (Other than my parents who without whom, I wouldn’t have qualified) is the man who is now my husband.

Without the man who cooks, cleans, drives me to work/wherever I need to go … The man who relinquishes the sofa with little complaint, understands why the living room is a carpet of paper cuttings, laminating pouches and offcuts which never seem to end. The gentleman who lovingly fixes the printer jam, does emergency runs to the supermarket for ink cartridges and pritt-stick as he knows I won’t settle until my work is done.

I wouldn’t survive my workload.

So before the term starts completely – this is my Thank You for when I’m too stressed to remember to say it.


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