4.9.2016 – Cars and Chaos

Shopping with my husband is normally so easy … Factor in the “in-laws” and the fact it is possibly the biggest purchase we’ve ever made as a couple!

Sadly the Green Machine, our Vauxhall Corsa has possibly developed a terminal fault resulting in us needing to find his replacement.

We adventured to a Ford garage to look at a Peugeot and instantly decided it wasn’t right… We got distracted by a Vauxhall Meriva or MiVera as it got renamed to. We test drove the car … I say we, Matt did … It was a good drive.

(P.S. Yes, we are looking at family cars – No I’m not pregnant) We hope that this car will last us into familyhood whenever we get there.

We then explored other options at Vauxhall, but got distracted by the Kia garage… I loved the Kia Rio, my husband loved the Kia Venga. As we were browsing, the expected Sales Rep slide in occurred and he mentioned a Venga that had been traded in…

Just under two years old, 25k miles on the clock … The Boy was sold. To the test drive, typically it was great. He was happy. We browsed the Ford and Citroen but knew Hubby had already made up his mind the blue Venga had won.

We receive our new arrival on Wednesday… Meanwhile I’ll indulge in #SundayMorning Strictly and look forward to the rest of the day.


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