12.10.16 – My Wedding Garter

The Garter …

I was very uncertain about if I actually needed one. Apparently, it’s one of the oldest traditions still used in modern weddings today. According to many of the glossy wedding bridal bibles, originally the bride’s dress would have been torn and thrown for luck to those spinsters still waiting to be taken off the shelf!  This occasionally resulted in a bewildered and upset bride standing in a destroyed gown.

The modern alternative – is for the groom to remove the bride’s garter and throw to it to those gentlemen still searching for their bride and the female equivalent is the tossing of the bouquet for the single ladies.

I chose to have a garter based on the pure discovery of a company called Sash and Veil (here), I bumped into some of their amazing veils at one of my earliest wedding fairs. As much as I adored their veils, I’d already found my veil when I found my dress. Then whilst on my eternal hobby of Pinterest; I found military nods and incorporation of such traditions as a gift to their groom or to commemorate their own bridal service. My husband is an officer in the Sea Cadet Corps so I chose to use the cap tally of his unit and had a small gold heart added with my married name and the unit number as well as the date of our marriage.

I kept my garter hidden, I saved it for my Husband and I’ve kept it as an eternal memento for my Husband’s dedication to his unit and to me. Now for the bit about how I had it made, as I mentioned, I’d bumped into those at Sash and Veil at a local wedding fair … I took a business card and sent them a Facebook message when I got back in January 2015. Heather is a complete wizard and sent me some amazing hand-drawn sketches of what my garter could become and really took into consideration how I wanted it to look and how I felt about the whole thing. They also offer the engraving service for the charms that can be attached.


I adored my garter … and wanted to share it with those who actually read this.


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