4.11.2016 – Alphabet Dating – A

Abingdon and Oxford

We’ve had some pretty hectic weeks recently so I was really focused on my hubby’s birthday coming up. I decided that we needed to go on an adventure and make some amazing, new and happier memories. Click here to check how far we’ve got on our Alphabet Dating!

We have some friend through his love of football so I decided we needed to be social outside of a football game. One of our “couple” friends live in Abingdon and Oxford and we have said lots of times that we’d go and see them in their home rather than waiting for them to come to Ipswich all the time. So with my co-pilot and plotter, Tracy – we worked out an itinerary for the weekend.

Friday after work, we packed a weekend bag and jumped in the car to a postcode. I had my reservations about travelling on a Friday and being stuck in traffic but thankfully we had quite an easy ride down. By 8:30, we were ordering takeaway in the comfort of Tracy’s home and Yeti did not let us down. Tracy is extremely lucky in that the Cowley Road in Oxford is home to many, many diverse takeaways. Yeti provided those who wanted curry with curry and boring old me with brilliantly cooked plain options. Matt jokes my diet is beige … he’s not far wrong. We watched Ferris Bueller’s Day Off because apparently my movie stylings are wrong and I needed to be educated.

Saturday, we woke up and Tracy gracefully made sure we were fed and watered even though she was feeling pretty poorly too. We headed up Cowley Road to explore the options of food and nipped past the O2 – grabbed a quick drink and the most amazing macarons in BeetRoot before walking into Oxford proper! I really loved the fact that when we got into Oxford, we were greeted by a bride and groom having photos, right beside Graduands preparing in their gowns ready to celebrate their years of hard work. Jumping in to the Covered Markets with a myriad of different shops and products to sell, we started to feel a bit over-whelmed and took refuge into Georgina’s – which provided us with the most amazing lunches – my bacon baguette was IMMENSE. We then went to the Varsity Club and looked at Oxford from the roof. It was worth stomping up all of those stairs and we totally understood why they provided blankets and heaters as it was definitely wintery-Novemberesque weather. It was lovely to spend time with Tracy, Gav and Charlie. It highlighted to me how blessed Matt and I are to have friends like them, who gave up their homes, their beds, their time and their weekends to ensure we had an awesome weekend.

As an extra special treat, (as if spending time with friends isn’t enough?!) – I booked Matt and I a room in a beautiful hotel in Abingdon. The Crown and Thistle was an amazing and inspired recommendation from Tracy and Gav. Our room was stunning. We had few hours to enjoy each others company, talk and drink chilled Prosecco before joining Gav, Tracy and Charlie again for drinks in the bar downstairs and heading to some community fireworks. We had our traditional burgers and hot dogs for dinner and watched a great display with friends. Before heading back to Gav’s to defrost and chat the night away. Episodes of Black Books, Doritos and fab conversation before heading back to sleep at our hotel.

Sunday, we grabbed an epic breakfast at the hotel – full English for Matt and Waffles and Maple Syrup for me and then headed back to Gav’s for Doctor Who Quiz Game with the kids before heading out for lunch. The Spread Eagle provided Matt with an amazing birthday meal of Kangaroo steak on hot stone, I went with my traditional smothered BBQ chicken – Fab food and great company. We then had the opportunity to watch some league womens football. I’ll be honest, I’d never watched a womens game but it was a good game, even if the home side lost.

I’m glad Matt had an awesome weekend, but I do feel guilty because it was just as nice for me too!


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