13.11.2016 – Alphabet Dating – D

Doctor Strange

Click here to check how far we’ve got in our Alphabet Dating!

As a teacher, many will say that Monday – Friday instead of eat, sleep, rave, repeat; it’s more like eat, sleep, work, repeat. It’s been a constant annoyance of my husband that I don’t switch off. I constantly reel off replies of “I just need to make these resources”, “I’m too tired to go” or “I need to re-plan my session” – it’s been highlighted recently about the sad death of Laurian Bold (story here) about teachers desperately needing a work-life balance.

So, my husband and I have decided to try and have a movie date night on a Monday – a Monday Movie! I love alliteration…

We also found out we had a chunk of Clubcard points – so traded those in for Pizza Express vouchers and had a lovely meal by the waterfront. We then strolled over to the cinema and settled in for a dose of Benedict Cumberbatch. We are both comic book geeks so this appealed to us both and actually just being able to switch off for a few hours and then meant we could get back to the things we used to do before.

Most of our dating history was in the cinema. We love films. But it seems like this massive chunk of our existence was forgotten. So following this success, we’ve already booked in to see the Accountant next Monday.

Another Alphabet Dating success…


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