22.11.2016 – 66 days after losing my Mum

Currently 66 days after losing my Mum …

Currently recovering from the most horrendous sickness bug I’ve experienced in a long time, the joys of working in a Primary School!

Trying to regain normality post-vomitting, I started to tidy my desk. A fairly inane and basic thing to most but it’s actually taking up a large amount of my energy to do it and I’ve even had a nap between doing it and writing this post.

I have an obscene amount of stationery but this small blue book was given to me almost a year ago by a colleague funnily enough as a leaving gift but little did I know when this would come in useful.

Since losing Mum, a continuous theme that keeps ringing through is one of hope. This is exactly what this little blue book is designed to do.

With “inspirational” quotes on every page, to ignite a train of thought to help you to cope. That colleague, that friend of mine didn’t realise how much of a blessing in disguise she was – at work and personally.

“Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery” – Jane Austen.

So my aim, is to hopefully not dwell on the guilt I feel or the misery at her passing – but to use my “pen” to express another story of hope. The Future … and whatever is to happen next.


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