2.1.2017 – Making positive steps…

So we are already in Day 2 of 2017 and I’m trying to focus on the positives rather than the negatives I would normally choose to focus on. The image is one I’ve seen used in various teaching training sessions – but it’s one I identify with quite a lot.

  • I’ve seen my first #mondaymovie with my Husband – We watched Assassin’s Creed – it was decidedly “meh” for a Monday Movie. I certainly wouldn’t have paid money to go to see it – Thank goodness for Cineworld cards.
  • We’ve looked at applying for our passports ready for our honeymoon.
  • Caught up on Sherlock – which I’m going to have to re-watch I think as I don’t think I’ve seen everything I should have.
  • Researched different gyms and chosen the one I’m going to join tomorrow. Sadly, I’m actually looking forward to getting in there and burning off some of this flab that I’m so adept at creating and conserving with my wrong choices.
  • Spent a day reflecting and starting my bullet journal allowing me to look back in a non-digital format. It’s strangely nice to doodle and blurt out my thoughts on to paper.
  • I’ve charged my Fitbit ready and will hopefully hit my 5k step goal.
  • Set my calorie limit on My Fitness Pal according to the article to “lose weight”.
  • Started to think about facing work after a gap away to prepare myself. Not just for my own wellbeing but for my organisation.
  • Ordered Gym Clothes. Yes, I appreciate the irony of spending pounds to lose them but I don’t want to look completely grotesque.
  • Meditated twice. Stop. Think. Breathe.

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