I’ve started to see that making simple gestures can make huge impacts.

Although it might seem like part of this was for my own benefit … Mr M and I have been sharing the use of a Nintendo DS. We both have a passion for gaming and I thought of a way to cheer up my husband. On Monday, he was diagnosed as Type 2 diabetic and we’ve needed to make changes.

I can’t see 3D and have been playing on a 3DS with the 3D turned off since I bought it. So I came across that Nintendo do a 2DS and as I thought this was a fab way to encourage my husband to distract himself. So we’ve spent today doing the mundane household chores, sending away our passport applications ready for the Disneymoon, recycling and sorting clothes. Being a couple, existing alongside each other mainly harmoniously… and now we are both relaxing, gaming and enjoying a section of our weekend.