31.01.2017 – January in Review

Thanks to my new bullet journal – I have tracked so much more in my life this month and kept up with it which is unusual for me as I usually break or cave two weeks in.

  • 3 blog posts (including this one!)
  • 10 Instagram snaps
  • 2 gym visits
  • 1 cinema trip
  • 1 sick day
  • 1 tattoo
  • 2 evenings spent volunteering at Cadets
  • 2 weeks of waiting after my NHS wellbeing referral
  • number of lbs lost …. unknown (if any!) Will weigh in at some point.

I decided to write 5 words a day and collated them in a list in my bullet journal and used my trusty friend wordle.net to display my thoughts in a different way. The more frequent the word in the list, the bigger the font it is displayed in. There are many smaller thoughts but my wobbles, change, love and home are prominantely displayed beside rest, work and arguments. Now please don’t think I mean arguments, my argument at the moment are more like internal disagreements when I can’t focus on the “right” action for me to do. Then I panic and there begins a reoccuring cycle.

At 40+ pages a month, my leuchtturm1917 isn’t going to last me much beyond June but I figure two journals a year isn’t bad for the peace of mind and the relaxation it is bringing me. Much to Mr M’s disgust at the amount of crafting supplies I “need” to do it!


5 thoughts on “31.01.2017 – January in Review

      1. GP gave me a card, I rang, had a general conversation, then a more specialised follow up – now have a diagnosis and a treatment plan.


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