4.2.2017 – Alphabet Dating – P

Pub and Penta Hotel, Ipswich

I haven’t written about any of these in a while – our last intentional Alphabet Date was way back November so the hubby and I have been slacking.

We spent this weekend in a slightly unusual manner – in that, we stayed in a hotel in our home town. As part of the eternal punishment of supporting our local side of Ipswich Town, the husband and a number of his friends have season tickets to grace Portman Road. One of our closest “couple” friends travel from Oxford to watch and occassionally stay overnight before heading home. As a result, we tend to meet them in the hotel bar, clock-watch making sure we get the last bus home or book a cab early enough on a Saturday night. So … from a random idea on a dark, gloomy Boxing Day – we booked a room for a hotel sleepover.

We headed to the Greyhound, an amazing Adnams pub for lunch – I decided shopping was more appealing than football so we met afterwards, headed to the hotel; chilled out in our rooms before eating in at the hotel and then starting a phenominally dedicated and long game of Cards Against Humanity interspursed by a photo shoot imitating dodgy 90’s boyband music videos and other friends, who randomly were popping in … meant all in all – we had an epic day / evening.


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