21.2.2017 – Postcrossing

For my own wellbeing, I’ve re-started postcrossing. The last time I did it I was about 19/20 and did it to distract myself whilst at university. I had forgotten about the account and have since re-started again which unfortunately for me, means I have to re-built the number of cards I’m allowed travelling again but fortunately means it’s less to spend on my pocket every now and again!

Anyway for those not familiar – you sign up to Postcrossing.com  and register your personal details onto their database. You can choose to send a card to someone in the database, which is chosen at random. Each postcard is given an identification number to develop a recognition system. You then try to either pick a card in your own “stash” to send them from their mini-biography. It then relies on you posting it with the correct amount of postage.

The recipient then registers it and is able to thank you for your card and others can like the designs and comment on them too.

It’s so nice to come home to happy post instead of boring bills and mundane household things. Like today, I had a lovely postcard from a kind lady in Belarus! =) It might cost a few pence more and to some, it might seem pointless but it’s bringing me some joy so I’m going to keep doing it as long as it continues to do so!


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