23.2.2017 – Sloths and Self Care

After battling home because of #StormDoris (I got my usual bus home!), I was home alone and for once, didn’t want to pick up the endless job list created by the teaching profession, life, the universe and everything so I decided to pick up my #buddybox [Found here] (amazingly curated and sent by the Blurt Foundation, who do amazing work in the realms of mental health, specifically depression) and have a rumage as I hadn’t actually had much time to have a look into it since its arrival.

P.S. – At this point, I would like to state I am not paid or asked to promote the Blurt Foundation / The Make Arcade in my post – I am writing about it to highlight the amazing relief, joy and distraction from the busy world we live in and I wish I had found, known and purchased a subscription much, MUCH sooner than I did. I primarily started with one-off buddyboxes but soon found, that it was something I was purchasing individually every month or near enough anyway or picking up “missed” boxes in between orders. So I now have my subscription and love the time and distraction it gives me. I’m so glad when I get my dispatch emails and race home to hope I’ve not been left a parcel card and can open it on the day!

This month, it was all about the #selfcaresquad and the sloth being its mascot. So tonight, I had a drink out of my sloth mug, and opened the fab little kit from the make arcade (where I plan to purchase a few more kits on payday!) to make my sloth with perfect instructions – made sewing him together easy. I’ve watched numerous episodes of the Gilmore Girls, been blessed enough that my husband got home safe and in a decent time with road closures due to the storm, have food in my belly and had a blissful bath. Now in bed, finishing off this post and thinking about journeying to the land of nod.


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