26.2.2017 – Friends, Fun, Food and Framlingham

Don’t get me wrong – I adore Ed Sheeran’s music, but I’m not going to be declaring my love for the song or him but more for the place, he’s written it about. (Although … I do particularly adore Castle on the Hill.)

Framlingham holds for me many happy memories and things to adore. 221B breakfasts with friends, wedding preparations and dress fittings in the run up to one of my best friend’s weddings, walking to the Co-Op to fuel snacking appetites and movie marathons. Lately, I’ve been arguing internally about the fantastic phrase “work:life balance” – I really feel I don’t have a work:life balance when it comes to working in the teaching profession.  I always have a to-do list, that I cross one thing off and add two things onto it. I really struggle to understand how people can do this and have a life some weekends.

But this weekend, my husband and I escaped “to the country” to stay with one of my best friends and her husband. To explain this relationship, the females in the relationships are both teachers, we met whilst we were teacher training and kept in contact. We get on like a house on fire and so do our husbands, but no matter how long we spend apart, we get together and pick up exactly where we left of last time.

Walking peacefully around the market, picking up flowers and postcards for my postcrossing habit. Grabbing munchies and food to make sure we have enough supplies to keep going. Watching TV, playing games and genuinely loving being in each others company. Conversation never runs dry and always makes me realise how blessed I am to have such amazing friends and partners-in-crime.

People who have the understanding, care and compassion to recognise how I feel, not to change how they are and to be accepting of me, my mental health and my choices. Feeling very blessed and honoured to have such people in my life.


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