6.5.2017 – Alphabet Dating – B

Having been so busy recently we’ve really neglected our alphabet dating and have really got to make sure we start to plan in some of the other letters as we haven’t got all that long to get things all done.

The boy decided we needed to go out this weekend and declared a date night. He booked dinner – Byron Burger – one of our faves in town and we decided to give our newest cinema a go and head to Empire. We’ve heard good things and as a couple, we’ve both cancelled our Cineworld cards so the Boy did good and we treated ourselves to a sofa seat after finding Screen 12 in the rabbit warren that is Empire! I was a lucky wife as he sacrificed his time to enable me to sit through my Disney-fueled obsession and finally saw the new version of Beauty and the Beast.

I enjoyed it – I’m not 100% sure I loved the new additions song-wise but as remakes go … I was impressed.

We then came home to continue binge-watching Designated Survivor in bed. So all in all, a successful “B” date.


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