16.5.2017 – Is it time to change TeachMarryAvoid?

I’ve been teaching for six years.

I love loved my job.

Yes, I’m very aware that last sentence is in the past tense, which possibly sums up the rest of this blog post.

I am coming to the end of a fixed term contract and I am at the point that I feel that leaving the teaching profession could be the right move for me at the moment. That immortal phrase “A change is as good as a rest” – I haven’t felt rested whilst teaching for quite some time. I could blame it on the conversion to academies but I’m not 100% certain that is the only cause.

I don’t want to become a statistic, but there are many articles like this one in the Guardian here stating that 33% of the teachers quit the state sector within five years of qualifying. I chose to change my role eighteen months ago and worked as an intervention teacher and felt that love for teaching return temporarily. But now, in a post-OFSTED climate, the winds of change are blowing immensely and I’m at a crossroad where I need to decide whether to stay or to change what I do. Abandoning the profession I’ve wanted since my word experience at sixteen, the job I craved after four years of undergraduate and postgraduate studies and I am now beginning to look at the outside world.

I don’t want to disappear from working with children and young people – but the rebel in me is screaming to change what I do completely. I know people play the “but you get great holidays…”  – they are only great if you can afford the inflated prices and if your significant other can book holiday at the same time. But many sections of those holidays are spent tidying your classroom, changing displays, finishing admin tasks you don’t get done during the manic weeks between each one, planning, assessing and factor in the staff meetings as well as assemblies and extra-curricular activities.


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