3.7.3017 – Sight Tests, Scared and Stayovers

This last week has been a bit of a crazy one, 

I started in my home studio and did my first shift. Being a sensible person, I booked a sight test on my day off (Tuesday) to check my sight and increased use of screens/cameras etc. All was going ok – 6/6 vision, prescription sorted. Then the optom checked the back of my eyes, at this point, my sight test stopped and my hospital referral began. I had haemorrhaging at the back of both of my eyes and my optic nerves were extremely swollen, 

So I was referred to Ipswich Hospital’s eye clinic and went with Mr M on Thursday to get checked out. We started off quite hopeful and even got seen on time! But after initial examinations, I was promptly sent for blood tests and was told I wasn’t going home. I was put on Brantham Assessment Unit and got moved onto the ward at 2:20am, nearly 12 hours after my initial appointment. I “slept” on the ward and had my dad by my side Friday whilst waiting for CT and MRI scans. Believe it or not, all tests came back normal and both Opthalmology and Neurology consultants couldn’t find anything wrong. 

They possibly think I have Idiosyncratic Intracranial Hypertension and I’m looking forward to many more scans and tests in the coming weeks and maybe finally getting those new glasses…


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