28.7.2017 – Wedding Reflection – My Girls

In the preparation for the wedding and the year following – I know these four girls are massive parts of my life and will be for the years yet to come.

Collette – the calm and collected one, although not to be trusted with booking hotel rooms ever again! A fellow teacher and so laid back – she’s turned into my soundboard on more than one occasion. She’s learnt to ignore my protesting and occasionally with Mr M’s help, override me. Although we aren’t able to see each other every week, we tend to pick up exactly where we left off every school holiday and luckily our husbands get on amazingly and spending time together is a pleasure never a chore.

Leanne – my work wife, although we don’t get to see each other very often. She’s another go to voice of reason and we’ve worked and survived in the education sector using her classroom as a lunchtime haven of sanity and friendship. The princess with enough power to make me see sense and the devil on my shoulder to encourage me to go beyond my comfort zone. I wish we spent more time together but I know if I need her she’s there especially with her Adele addiction and her trusty Fiat.

Saz – the wonder woman in my life, she is the yin to my yang in that she knows exactly how to get me where I need to be and understands how I feel. When to support and when to push me. She was a massive support throughout the wedding from supporting me from wedding dress wobbles, centrepiece creation – this girl is a wizard with a vinyl plotter and a glue gun. Saz is the female equilibrium between me and Mr M – having been friends with both of us and witnessed both of us in good times and bad, she is truly a treasured person we both value in our lives.

Nellie – the tiniest one. She is such a beautiful and clever little girl and it has been an honour to watch her grow in the five years I’ve been with Mr M. She truly is a treasure and loved watching her enjoy our day and become the queen of the bouncy castle and photo booth. I look forward to watching her continue to grow. I love being Auntie M and with Uncle M, celebrate her birthdays, her achievements and new discoveries in life.


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