30.07.2017 – Wedding Reflection – My Hen Do…

I am very aware that my Hen Do possibly wasn’t to some of my friends’ tastes but I don’t think Sazzy with Leanne and Colly’s assistance could have planned a more perfect one for me. I adore Great Yarmouth – it’s a place full of happy memories from my childhood, it is by the sea, it is home to the Hippodrome Circus. I LOVE IT!

My Hen Do was a definite British affair in that we got absolutely drenched in the middle of August but had periods of brilliant sunshine too! Rides at the Pleasure Beach, a cone of chips, time in the arcades, even braving the log flume. We headed back to possibly one of the most “Faulty Towers”-esque hotels I’ve ever stayed in but in the end, it very much added into the comedy value of the weekend.

We went out for dinner at the HMS Hinchinbrook and then head to my home-from-home, the Hippodrome. I know circus isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but to me it truly is an escape. We then worked our way back to our hotel via the Pier Tavern and karaoke. I had great fun with so many amazing girls from totally different aspects of my life and wouldn’t change my Hen Do at all – but we forgot to go on the snails!

The most epic of recovery breakfasts from the Joyland Diner before heading home and the birth of Steven Seagull. There are bumps that are now babies, with Albie and Jemima now on the scene, friends who have moved away, friends who are now even closer than before. But to share, my favourite place with some of my most favourite people meant a lot and is definitely something that will stick with me for years to come because without these ladies keeping me sane – I’m not sure I’d cope with Mr M all the time 😛


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