30 things to do in my 30th year

15th August 2017 – 15th August 2018

I know many people focus on 30 things to do before they are 30, but I want to do 30 things in my 30th year.

Some have been suggested, some are personal goals and I hope that as the list generates, I can really build on it.


  1. Document 24hrs in a blog post.
  2. Have a photo shoot.
  3. Write a will.
  4. Watch the Friends Episode where they all turn 30.
  5. Create a 30 song playlist that embodies me as a person.
  6. Go on an unplanned road trip.
  7. Read a “classic” book I’ve never read.
  8. Have breakfast in bed.
  9. Go to Disneyland Paris.
  10. Send more letters/postcards.
  11. Go to a music festival.
  12. Update my family tree.
  13. See a west-end show.
  14. Plan an adventure with my BFF’s.
  15. Meditate once a week.
  16. See a ballet performance.
  17. Book/Go see the Pandas 🐼 at Edinburgh Zoo
  18. Keep Bullet Journaling all year
  19. Hit 100+ postcards sent on Postcrossing
  20. Hit my goal weight by my next birthday
  21. See three plays in the local theatre
  22. Start a savings account
  23. Move house
  24. Take more photos
  25. Complete a computer game