Mrs M is an ex-primary school teacher who’s in her 30s, based in Suffolk, who got married in 2016.

Occassionally, this blog might be about teaching or tutoring . I have worked in the primary sector of education and have done ever since I graduated. Other than a few part-time jobs – I’ve always been in education as a student or as a teaching assistant and finally, a teacher or tutor.

Mostly, this blog might be about marriage, weddings and relationships. Even though I’m already married, I’m very certain that aspects of my process were not dissimilar to people currently going through it. So when the mood takes me, I might reflect on aspects of getting married and post-wedding to share my views and feelings about it.

Often, my blog posts will be written to avoid what I should really be focusing on or doing at the time. Whether that be work, home or the eternal strive of finding a balance between the two.