Life of a teacher, wife and procrastination.

8.8.17 – 1 year later …

Mr M and I have had one hell of a year. But between changing jobs, diabetes diagnosis for Mr M, a blood clot on the brain for me, losing my amazing mum after a sixteen year battle against cancer – we have had some amazingly happy times too.I have just about adjusted to being Mrs M now and don’t miss being Miss R as much anymore! I still occasionally get called my maiden name by ex-pupils.We were so lucky to spend our day with so many amazing and loving people. We have watched families grow, separate and change but know they are there for us and we are there for them.I am truly blessed to have this amazing and grounded man as my husband and definitely don’t know what I would do without him.
To keep with the anniversary theme of Paper, I gave Mr M an adventure book from Up of our relationship so far and he knows how to spoil me by buying me a new bullet journal and Happy Mum, Happy Baby by Giovanna Fletcher (p.s. I am not pregnant nor am I planning to be in the immediate future! I am just obsessed with Gi and Tom Fletcher and want to read it!)
We are now heading to go and spend time with some friends by the Castle on the Hill and relax!


31.7.2017 – Wedding Reflection – My Outfit

I’ve already written about a few pieces of my wedding outfit, my garter made by Sash and Veil was a fab little find. My dress was the first dress I tried on in a bridal shop in Colchester. She was made by Phil Collins (apparently not the performer!) and called Patsy. She is possibly one of the most comfortable dresses I’ve ever worn and survived a full wedding day even with several trips on the bouncy castle. My shoes were a last minute bargain from Debenhams – a Debut purchase. Surprisingly comfy considering they were barely worn in and the Mickey and Minnie decals were made by my clever chief bridesmaid, Sazzy. I wore my Mum’s pearls, a Pandora bracelet that Matt had bought me and the rest of my jewellery was actually an Avon purchase. I also had a bouquet from Emma’s Florist in Ipswich of silk flowers and my Mum made me my white and blue knitted horseshoe. I had a veil from Grace and Lace and hairband made by WishHeart Designs

30.07.2017 – Wedding Reflection – My Hen Do…

I am very aware that my Hen Do possibly wasn’t to some of my friends’ tastes but I don’t think Sazzy with Leanne and Colly’s assistance could have planned a more perfect one for me. I adore Great Yarmouth – it’s a place full of happy memories from my childhood, it is by the sea, it is home to the Hippodrome Circus. I LOVE IT!

My Hen Do was a definite British affair in that we got absolutely drenched in the middle of August but had periods of brilliant sunshine too! Rides at the Pleasure Beach, a cone of chips, time in the arcades, even braving the log flume. We headed back to possibly one of the most “Faulty Towers”-esque hotels I’ve ever stayed in but in the end, it very much added into the comedy value of the weekend.

We went out for dinner at the HMS Hinchinbrook and then head to my home-from-home, the Hippodrome. I know circus isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but to me it truly is an escape. We then worked our way back to our hotel via the Pier Tavern and karaoke. I had great fun with so many amazing girls from totally different aspects of my life and wouldn’t change my Hen Do at all – but we forgot to go on the snails!

The most epic of recovery breakfasts from the Joyland Diner before heading home and the birth of Steven Seagull. There are bumps that are now babies, with Albie and Jemima now on the scene, friends who have moved away, friends who are now even closer than before. But to share, my favourite place with some of my most favourite people meant a lot and is definitely something that will stick with me for years to come because without these ladies keeping me sane – I’m not sure I’d cope with Mr M all the time 😛

29.07.2017 – Wedding Reflection – The Venue

To any bride and groom-to-be, if you are looking at getting married in the Ipswich area, I cannot recommend All Manor of Events, in Henley, Suffolk more highly. We looked for quite a few venues with superb disabled access as we had key members of our families and friends who would need to be able to utilise ALL aspects of our venue to enjoy the day the same way. The planning and arranging our day with AMOE was so simple and really didn’t cause any issues whatsoever! The staff, owners and recommended suppliers are amazing.

Polka Dot Chair Cover and Prop Hire helped to create the fantastic red and blue polka dot chairs and our Suffolk Punch sweet cart, which was a total hit with everyone!

Emma’s Florist provided the most amazing silk flower arrangements, the balloons and of course, our buttonholes and bouquets.

Flame Entertainments were not only our DJs but enabled our dance floor to look amazing with our Mr and Mrs signs.

The grounds, the barns and main atmosphere really made our day and provided us with amazing photos and memories captured by Sarah Swift Photography.

28.7.2017 – Wedding Reflection – My Girls

In the preparation for the wedding and the year following – I know these four girls are massive parts of my life and will be for the years yet to come.

Collette – the calm and collected one, although not to be trusted with booking hotel rooms ever again! A fellow teacher and so laid back – she’s turned into my soundboard on more than one occasion. She’s learnt to ignore my protesting and occasionally with Mr M’s help, override me. Although we aren’t able to see each other every week, we tend to pick up exactly where we left off every school holiday and luckily our husbands get on amazingly and spending time together is a pleasure never a chore.

Leanne – my work wife, although we don’t get to see each other very often. She’s another go to voice of reason and we’ve worked and survived in the education sector using her classroom as a lunchtime haven of sanity and friendship. The princess with enough power to make me see sense and the devil on my shoulder to encourage me to go beyond my comfort zone. I wish we spent more time together but I know if I need her she’s there especially with her Adele addiction and her trusty Fiat.

Saz – the wonder woman in my life, she is the yin to my yang in that she knows exactly how to get me where I need to be and understands how I feel. When to support and when to push me. She was a massive support throughout the wedding from supporting me from wedding dress wobbles, centrepiece creation – this girl is a wizard with a vinyl plotter and a glue gun. Saz is the female equilibrium between me and Mr M – having been friends with both of us and witnessed both of us in good times and bad, she is truly a treasured person we both value in our lives.

Nellie – the tiniest one. She is such a beautiful and clever little girl and it has been an honour to watch her grow in the five years I’ve been with Mr M. She truly is a treasure and loved watching her enjoy our day and become the queen of the bouncy castle and photo booth. I look forward to watching her continue to grow. I love being Auntie M and with Uncle M, celebrate her birthdays, her achievements and new discoveries in life.

27.7.2017 – Wedding Reflection – The Theme

As I’m approaching my first anniversary, I feel like its about the time for me to reflect on our special day and actually focus on what an amazing day after months and months of planning it was.

Many of my friends were sceptical about the idea of having a themed wedding. My husband has been a member of the Sea Cadets since his childhood and as an active part of his unit still I was able to show my allegiance to him and his unit by asking an amazing company called Sash and Veil . They were able to incorporate a cap tally from the unit and create a beautiful garter with my married name and unit number engraved on the tag. So with this small nautical nod, the theme grew and grew. We knew we didn’t want it to be cheesy or cringeworthy.

The cake was a spot from a wedding fair in Newmarket pretty early on in the planning process, snapped a photo and filed it for future reference. I was extremely blessed in that, my mum’s best friend Bridget makes the most AMAZING cakes ever. I asked for the flavours I wanted and some vegan cupcakes for some special guests and simply asked for “something like the photo”. Bridget went above and beyond produced our amazing 4 tier cake, a fruit cake and vegan cupcakes that fed our guests and friends for weeks after. I loved it and really did make sure our wedding cake was certainly memorable.

The table centrepieces were one of the major headaches of the WHOLE wedding. But over time, it all came together.

  • Driftwood wreathes with candles in
  • Hand punched hearts in red, white and blue
  • Blue sparkles
  • Engraved hearts from Little Shop of Wishes in red, blue and clear
  • Buckets trimmed in nautical ribbon filled with sweets and photo props
  • Great Yarmouth Rock and Steven Seagull that came back from my hen do
  • White wooden photo frames decorated with nautical MDF shapes my bridesmaid found in the states

We were gifted a canvas which now lives in our kitchen with nautical phrases on it as an early pre-wedding gift from friends.

The pebble print beach hut guestbook canvas was a lovely change from a traditional book and graces our staircase so I pass it every day.

I had a sailboat charm and a heart, anchor and cross charm on my bracelet.

I made bunting to go around the ceremony room and behind the top table which was made from any kind of nautical fabrics I found in the run up to the wedding and now have in storage until I find time to do something with it. Alongside our two lighthouses and wooden anchor which sit on our window sill. I probably should eventually get rid of bits of them but I love having those reminders on show all the time.

3.7.3017 – Sight Tests, Scared and Stayovers

This last week has been a bit of a crazy one, 

I started in my home studio and did my first shift. Being a sensible person, I booked a sight test on my day off (Tuesday) to check my sight and increased use of screens/cameras etc. All was going ok – 6/6 vision, prescription sorted. Then the optom checked the back of my eyes, at this point, my sight test stopped and my hospital referral began. I had haemorrhaging at the back of both of my eyes and my optic nerves were extremely swollen, 

So I was referred to Ipswich Hospital’s eye clinic and went with Mr M on Thursday to get checked out. We started off quite hopeful and even got seen on time! But after initial examinations, I was promptly sent for blood tests and was told I wasn’t going home. I was put on Brantham Assessment Unit and got moved onto the ward at 2:20am, nearly 12 hours after my initial appointment. I “slept” on the ward and had my dad by my side Friday whilst waiting for CT and MRI scans. Believe it or not, all tests came back normal and both Opthalmology and Neurology consultants couldn’t find anything wrong. 

They possibly think I have Idiosyncratic Intracranial Hypertension and I’m looking forward to many more scans and tests in the coming weeks and maybe finally getting those new glasses…

19.6.3018 – 23.6.2017 – Change is Good

On Monday, I started my new role as a studio member / photographer for Pixifoto based in Mothercare. To start my training, I was sent to Romford to possibly the biggest Mothercare I have ever been to in my life with at least 6 businesses inside one store. It’s also opposite the hospital so you had expectant mums in pyjamas out for a walk to hurry little one along, parents with babies literally 2-3 days new grabbing essentials on the way home and a variety of clientele in between! 

Over the five days, I learnt …

  • About the company I’m working for
  • Shadowing talented girls doing shoots from bumps, newborns, families and seeing it through from posing to photography to editing to ordering the products they had chosen to showcase the images. 
  • Telesales and Courtesy Calls
  • Approaching the public 
  • Booking and managing the appointment systems
  • Ensuring I know how to use the ordering systems
  • Starting to get to grips with the camera and studio lights 
  • And so much more, I can’t completely remember! 

In five days, there was so much information but I can’t wait to get into my studio and start to understand how it’s all going to work.  But am so pleased to have this weekend to recover! 

13.6.2017 – Pressing Pause on my Teaching Career…

I didn’t think I would have to write a post about me leaving teaching before I hit 30 but here it is. I have made the decision to stop teaching for now … 

in many ways, I’m pleased about being part of funding cuts and being told I’m no longer required because it’s enabled me to take time out and reflect on what I actually like doing and focus on new challenges ahead. Personally I could have done without three weeks fighting a reoccurring ear infection (which has been one of the most painful things I’ve ever experienced so far!) 

Deep down I think my husband hopes my stationary addiction will calm down and will be able to pick different lunchtimes other than 12 o’clock, we can have a holiday that isn’t restricted by term dates, assessment targets and stress. This change will happen gradually over time and hopefully this change will be for the better.

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